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Our Fall Menu!!

Our Fall Mini Donuts are now available in NYC! We have to really apologize for sitting on our Fall menu for so long, you all. Thank you so much for being patient while we were wrapping up the Kickstarter! One thing we're seriously looking forward to now that we're backed is hiring help 🥵.  Beth and I wanted to really spend some time thinking about these Fall mini donut flavors - there are so many options that are yummy and warm this season so there were a lot of choices. In the end, we think these encapsulate a wide spectrum of Autumnal deliciousness - all wrapped up in adorable little mini donuts. Without further delay, here they are!  Don't want the...

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About our new menu!

Our fans always get so excited about our new menus and the unique and delicious flavors we come up with! In honor of our new Summer Menu debut, we thought that we would give you a behind the scenes look of our featured flavors - how we came up with them, their history, and why we think you'll love them too. 

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