About our new menu!

Our fans always get so excited about our new menus and the unique and delicious flavors we come up with! In honor of our new Summer Menu debut, we thought that we would give you a behind the scenes look of our featured flavors - how we came up with them, their history, and why we think you'll love them too. 

Coffee Caramel: 

coffee caramel mini donuts, featured summer menu

We use fresh espresso and soaked grounds in our coffee icing. It's strong, sweet, and surprisingly creamy. Paired with our sticky caramel drizzle, it's a sweet treat without going to the corner cafe. 

Strawberry Sesame:  

strawberry sesame mini donut, summer menu bakery flavors

In the Spring of 2020, our business - along with so many others - was rocked. We adjusted from the regular catering orders that we had, and started delivery donut care packages safely through no-contact delivery all over New York City. What started as a small gesture for friends, blew up over the popularity of the flavors, particularly this Strawberry Sesame flavor. As we launched our first regular operations after the pandemic, this one felt like it needed to be included. 

Chocolate Chai: 

mini donuts with unique and delicious flavors

Similar to Strawberry Sesame, our Chocolate Chai flavor has a small, but viral following over Mother's Day 2020. It was hugely popular, but not many people got to try it! We thought that this one would be paired nicely with the Coffee Caramel flavor. Caffeine fix, anyone? 

Pina Colada: 

brooklyn nyc queer owned bakery

This one is controversial, you guys! our Pina Colada flavor is - so. good. (if we do say so ourselves). This is one of our favorite flavors that has a unique "base" of it's own, made with pineapple and coconut slivers. This was one of our first viral flavors from our Summer 2019 menu. We knew it was time for it to make a comeback. 

Lavender Lemon: 

mini donut bakery in nyc unique flavors

Of course, no Bite Box would be complete without our signature flavor - Lavender Lemon. This donut is our love letter to you. Everything you've missed about Bite, because we've missed you too. 





Is your mouth watering yet? Order your Bite Box for NYC delivery here. 

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