We're making a Kickstarter!

Hi Bite Fam! 

We've missed you! Like most of the world, 2020 flung our small business into unknown territory. After being mostly catering based, we suddenly found ourselves needing to adjust our entire business model to be more direct-to-consumer. While stressful and difficult, we're grateful to have developed custom dessert boxes that will now allow us to get mini donuts to more of our fans, easier than ever. In order to launch this new phase of our business, we're looking for your help and launching a Kickstarter! We'll have more details for you soon, but wanted to give you a little teaser with some Behind the Scenes shots from our film-shoot! 

Stay sweet!

Sam + Beth


As with most things, it began with a lot of mini donuts......

support small queer owned bakery with kickstarter

Our mini donuts... in the spotlight, where they belong ;)

support small, queer owned bakery with kickstarter

Sam and Beth,  getting used to the lights and cameras.

Support small, queer owned bakery in nyc

While still being their goofy selves.

Small, queer owned bakery films for a kickstarter campaign


Stay tuned for more!

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