Catering + On-Site Desserts

Dessert Catering

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Bites are an easy and definite win for any catering need. Here’s why our mini donuts are the best dessert for catering in NYC: 

1. They’re show-stoppers - we challenge anyone not to be taken aback by a table full of gorgeous mini donuts.

2. They’re customizable. If you have a certain theme or brand you want to stick to, we can develop custom flavors, design, and presentation. 

3. Finally, they don’t make a mess! Instead of needing to cut cake or deal with cookie crumbs - our mini donuts only take a bite or two. No fuss! Great for kids, clean-up, and a dessert table.

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All of our catering boxes come with 48 mini donuts. We can also individually package them into bags of two for grab-and-go dessert party favors. Here is where you can purchase 48 mini donuts in catering boxes of our current menu, custom menus, or individually packaged. 

On-Site Events

We love a good party. We have multiple on-site options for all age groups -  including live donut demos and events hosted by our co-owners + cousins, B + Sam.




If you have questions, concerns, or just want to chat about some ideas - please contact us below or email us directly