Our Fall Menu!!

Our Fall Mini Donuts are now available in NYC!

We have to really apologize for sitting on our Fall menu for so long, you all. Thank you so much for being patient while we were wrapping up the Kickstarter! One thing we're seriously looking forward to now that we're backed is hiring help 🥵. 

Beth and I wanted to really spend some time thinking about these Fall mini donut flavors - there are so many options that are yummy and warm this season so there were a lot of choices. In the end, we think these encapsulate a wide spectrum of Autumnal deliciousness - all wrapped up in adorable little mini donuts.

Without further delay, here they are! 

Don't want the whole story? Just want donuts? Order them here.

Fall Mini Donut Bite Box Menu:

mini donut delivery nyc dessert

apple cinnamon mini donuts nyc dessert deliveryApple Cinnamon (fresh caramelized apple base, icing liked apple pie) - We've been playing around with the best way to incorporate apple into our Bites and we think that we finally figured out something GENIUS. First, we create an apple reduction on the stovetop with delicious brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. After placing some of these apple chunks into the base, they remainder is incorporated into the icing. You get bursts of real reduced apple in the base, and it's brought together by the sprinkle of warm cinnamon on top. 

maple cornbread mini donut dessert delivery nyc brooklynMaple Cornbread (crumbly cornbread base, our famous maple icing) - Okay, low-key our Cornbread Bites are freaking incredible. B loves, loves cornbread so I knew that we couldn't mess this one up. It's sweet and a little savory, crumbly but still moist. While we were thinking about the icing, we wanted something that could hold up to the flavor but not overtake it. Everyone loves our classic Maple Cinnamon Bite, so we stole that icing and reimagined it for this new Fall mini donut classic.

pumpkin mocha mini donut nyc brooklyn dessert delivery Pumpkin Mocha (savory pumpkin base, dipped in coffee and drizzled in chocolate) - Where do we fall on pumpkin these days? I feel like this year pumpkin is being reclaimed. People are tired of the pumpkin shame! We don't usually love to do what everyone expects for a season menu, but this year we were inspired by the bravery of the pumpkin enthusiasts and wanted to give the people what they want. Mocha was inspired by a mocha pumpkin bread that I made once and have dreamt about ever since. 

cranberry lime mini donut nyc dessert deliveryCranberry Lime (cranberry icing, lime drizzle) - This was one of the last flavors we came up with. We were hunting for a fruit that has a juicy fall profile and were inspired by cranberry. The lime was honestly the only choice, as a homage to our moms. B and I's moms (who are sisters) LOVE a cosmopolitan martini and we would be lying if we said the passion wasn't passed down to us cousins. 

fig smores mini donut dessert delivery nyc brooklynFig S'mores (fig icing, chocolate drizzle, topped with roasted marshmallow and graham cracker crumbs) - BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. After so many trials in the kitchen, I think that we finally figured out our Fig icing! Figs are one of my favorite foods, in general, so I'm thrilled that we can finally use it on our menu. To me, figs are one of the best Fall flavors, so we had to top it with one of the best Fall desserts - S'MORES! Speculoos S'mores have always been one of our most popular flavors, so this is inspired by that one - we topped the donut with real, freshly roasted marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs. 


🍂 Sound good? Here's the link to order. 🍂


Hopefully some of this was interesting, haha? We have a lot of fun putting these menus together for you all and I thought you would want to know the thought that goes into them. Let me know in the comments or DM @bitebkln on Instagram if this is something you'd be interested in again for another one of our menus! 

Lots of love & donuts!


co-founder @bite. 



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