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FALL MINI DONUTS - Behind the scenes on our latest Bite Box Menu

Available in local delivery or pickup, event dessert catering for private or corporate events, and on-site baking or pop-ups.  Fall in NYC is such a special time and we're always inspired to make a unique and delicious fall menu of the best mini donuts in New York City. We can't wait to unveil our Fall Bite Box menu to you and tell you about how we came up with these unique flavors! Pumpkin and fall go together like peas and carrots, but we like to put our own BITE spin on this classic flavor. And for us, when in doubt - add chocolate. This mini donut has a yummy, perfect pumpkin base and is topped with our delectable chocolate icing. Of...

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Halloween Mini Donuts Now Available!

Our Halloween Bite Box now available for pickup or delivery in Manhattan or Brooklyn, NYC Spooky SZN is here an you know what that means - It's time for our scary popular and terrifyingly delicious limited edition Halloween Bite Box! Take a look at this menu (if you dare!). almond joy | red hot | lemon head | kit kat CLICK HERE TO ORDER These flavors were inspired by some of our favorite Halloween candies that NEEDED to be a donut. We'll be delivering these little monsters all around NYC until 11/1. Book these boo-tiful Bites now, before we're out!

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Our Fall Menu!!

Our Fall Mini Donuts are now available in NYC! We have to really apologize for sitting on our Fall menu for so long, you all. Thank you so much for being patient while we were wrapping up the Kickstarter! One thing we're seriously looking forward to now that we're backed is hiring help 🥵.  Beth and I wanted to really spend some time thinking about these Fall mini donut flavors - there are so many options that are yummy and warm this season so there were a lot of choices. In the end, we think these encapsulate a wide spectrum of Autumnal deliciousness - all wrapped up in adorable little mini donuts. Without further delay, here they are!  Don't want the...

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