🌈 Introducing The Gay Donut! 🍩

the gay donut nyc brooklyn dessert

"Because all donuts are gay if you really think about it."

Ok, we couldn't help ourselves. We made a Gay Donut. It's cute and incredible, and even though it'll be a regular item on our menu soon, we're making it available for preorder exclusively to our Kickstarter backers. All you have to do is choose the Gay Donut pledge on our project and we'll contact you after we're funded to schedule your drop off.

Here is the link for our Kickstarter project!

We're also rolling out a limited edition Gay Donut dad hat that you'll only be able to get through a pledge. You support a queer owned business expand and get cute swag. Win win!

The best part? We'll be donating 10% of each of these tiers to the Black Trans Femmes in the Arts (BTFA) Collective

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