Donut Delivery for the Holidays! - New Bite Box Available

Nationwide Donut Delivery Now Available! 

dessert gift idea, donut delivery

Our Holiday Bite Box is now available to bring the Holiday cheer we all need. Looking for the perfect gift for friends or family? Need to send end of year thank-you presents to clients? Just want a special cozy breakfast to go along with your hot cocoa? Having mini donuts delivered directly from an independent NYC bakery is exactly what will arm their hearts and bellies. We're really excited about the menu for this season. Here's a sneak peak - 

Maple Gingerbread

dessert gift idea, donut delivery

Our gingerbread base is always such a crowd pleaser, and we paired it with one of our most beloved icings - maple! The maple, molasses, and spices make such an incredible, cozy pair and will bring you back to memories of making gingerbread houses and sitting around the fire. 

Chocolate Snickerdoodle

dessert gift idea, donut delivery

Snickerdoodles are one of Sam's Dad's favorite cookies and she always makes a ton to fill up his cookie jar for the holiday season. Snickerdoodles are always very synonymous with our family and the holidays, so we decided to incorporate a chocolate option by rolling our incredible chocolate base with butter and cinnamon sugar. Say less. 

Rosemary Orange

dessert gift idea, donut delivery

You know that we love to make sure that there's a nice zing somewhere in each of our menus. Citrus can be tough with holiday menus, because you still want the flavor to be warm and cozy. We decided to pair our favorite holiday spice, rosemary, with the zest of orange to give an inviting delicious donut.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

dessert gift idea, donut delivery

HOT CHOCOLATE IS THE WORLDS BEST BEVERAGE. We don't make the rules!!! We make an icing out of hot chocolate mix and it's truly ridiculously delicious. We pipe it, on top of our chocolate base and combine in with our *not too intense* peppermint drizzle. 

Sugar Cookie

dessert gift idea, donut delivery

Our sugar cookie donut is basically our classic vanilla glaze, but we take the initiative to pipe some fun sugar cookie designs on top to bring together the whole look of the box. 





dessert gift idea, donut delivery, mini donut, black friday sale, small business sale

We're so excited to roll out this menu that we're adding it to a special Black Friday/Small Business Saturday sale - for a limited time, when you buy 2 Bite Boxes, you get one for free! This is the perfect gift idea for friends, parents, colleagues, and more. Plus, when you buy two - you can even send one to yourself! Delicious gifts all around. 

Use code "SMALLBIZ" at checkout.

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